Our Cashmere


Our cashmere yarns are from the Northern Hemisphere - specifically Inner Mongolia, China and Mongolia.  They are produced from fleece of the underbelly of cashmere goats.  Because of the harsh cold winter climate in these regions, cashmere goats learn to tolerate these conditions by developing a soft undercoat to keep them warm.  In the warmer spring months when the goats are losing their winter hair, the goats are combed to collect the soft undercoat.  Their hair falls out easily and a wide-tooth wired comb is used to ensure only the cashmere hair is removed, not their regular hair.  Once these raw cashmere fibers are collected, they are put through various processes to prepare the luxurious, quality yarn we need to create our accessories. This is all done without causing any harm or pain to the animal.  



We specialize in the creation of exquisite cashmere scarves.  Only the longest and finest strands of raw cashmere fibers are used to make our yarn, and ultimately into our Piccolo New York scarves and accessories. What sets us apart is our attention to detail, and the commitment to high quality and supreme craftsmanship.  Our scarves are amazingly light, soft and decadent to the touch. Piccolo New York scarves are the essence of luxury and chic design.  



Our care label may read "dry clean only," but you may also try hand washing when it comes to sturdier cashmere fabrics.  Hand washing may actually make it softer over time.  Be sure to use something gentle (e.g. baby shampoo or mild detergent) and wash in cool water.  To dry, lay out your item on a towel and roll it up.  Gently press out excess water, without wringing or twisting it. Lay the item flat on a towel and reshape it as it dries.