About Us


We are a sister duo. We are also close friends, lovers of fashion and now business partners. Born in Seoul but raised in Hong Kong, we grew up in a melting pot of cultures and were exposed to high fashion at an early age. Explorers at heart, we love discovering the city together, an activity that we continued to enjoy when we moved to Boston for college, worked in Seoul, and traveled throughout Europe, Asia and Africa.  Our travels eventually led to the safari that influenced our own nature-inspired brand.  Now residing in New York, our special bond and unique life experience continues to stir a passion for producing beautiful accessories. 



We specialize in the creation of exquisite cashmere scarves made with the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship in mind. Sourced from the extremely fine, downy undercoat of the Mongolian Cashmere goat, our yarns are of the finest, most luxurious quality available in the world- making our scarves amazingly light, soft and decadent to the touch. Organic patterns inspired by animals and nature continue to echo in our designs.   Available in an array of eye-catching colors and prints, Piccolo NY scarves are the essence of luxury and chic design.  



At Piccolo New York, not only do we believe in great quality and design in our creations, but we believe in positively impacting communities in need around the world.  For every product sold, we are committed to giving 10% of our net proceeds to select women and child-focused initiatives both locally and globally. Zimele USA and Heart of Gold are two charities we are honored to support.